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Travel In Mexico

Mexico Travel Checklist: Before You Go:

Making a Checklist before you go:

  • Purchase Mexican Insurance
  • Exchange your currency into Mexican pesos
  • Check the weather at your destination
  • Bring your Vehicle Registration
  • Bring two forms of photo ID
  • Purchase Tourist Visa if staying more than 72 hours
  • Fuel up your vehicle before traveling to Mexico
  • If traveling to the interior of Mexico, if you have a lienholder, they must provide you with a letter granting you permission to take your vehicle into Mexico. (Note - a letter is not necessary if only traveling into the border towns.)

Hotels in Mexico

We are passionate about Baja California, and we have made a list of recommended hotels to visit while staying in Mexico. We have personally visited all of these hotels. Check out our recommendations.

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What to Do in Baja

There is so much to see and explore in Baja California! Baja has a lot to offer for those looking for adventure, sports, or even a spectacular culinary experience. Don’t forget to learn a little Spanish while you visit!

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