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About Baja-Mex

We have serviced millions of customers throughout our start of business in 1974. We provide our services at the world’s largest and busiest land border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana. The San Ysidro Port of Entry processes over 70,000 northbound vehicles and 20,000 northbound pedestrians each day.

Client Testimonials

Mark Story I had a claim with Baja-Mex Insurance several years ago & I was well taken care of by their bi-lingual claims adjusters.
Matthew Capdeville I came to buy insurance because it was my first time going to Mexico, & I was surprised how helpful the staff were on information about restaurants, and hotels in mexico...
Jennifer Maxwell I had to go on a business trip in Mexico, and I purchased a policy on was so easy
Carlos Lopez Jr. Our race team goes to Mexico several times per year, and we insure about 8 vehicles at a time. You can buy online, by phone, or at any of their locations by the border.
Louis O This place is in the perfect spot. Conveniently located next to the border and they have some of the best exchange rates. Drive through makes it real convenient and very friendly faces.
Anthony A Great company. We mainly use them for Car Insurance for Mexico but we have used them a few times for exchange from Dollars to Pesos. Ignore reviews about currency should be more than just USD and Peso since the business is supply for local demand not much need for another currency. Ignore the review on the parking lot, who cares. It's the busiest exit next to the busiest border crossing port next to an Outlet mall and stores meant for people crossing. Sad to see false reviews that lower the business rankings. We switched from another Auto Insurance provider for Mexico and what a great choice it was. If you ever have an issue you know where to reach them and that you can call anytime. I got full coverage and all you can for my new SUV. Low deductible with a higher estimated value than what I bought the car for. That's great service and customer loyalty.
Carlos E Quick efficient Nothing fancy, but they got the job done. I did not do a good job of comparing this place to others, but they were convenient and good customer service. I can't stress enough how important it is to get Mexican Insurance. Their judicial system is napoleonic, "guilty until proven innocent" so not having proper insurance puts you on the wrong side of the law should an accident happen...
Katelyn R We thought the process of getting car insurance for a few days in Ensenada was a painless process. $38 for 3 days. There was not too much of a wait, and the employee was helpful and straight forward. Thankfully we didn't have any issues that required using the insurance coverage. Would recommend to friends and family!


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