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Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) Mexico Insurance

Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) is one of Mexico largest insurance companies. GNP holds a large market share in six areas: car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, basic insurance, life insurance and medical insurance. GNP is owned by Grupo Bal, a privately held group of Mexican companies. The group was founded in 1901 and is headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico.

"Grupo Bal" acquired "La Nacional Compañía de Seguros" (founded in 1901), and "Seguros la Provincial" (founded in 1936) in December 1992. In the merger the name became "Grupo Nacional Provincial".

This merger has allowed Grupo Nacional Provincial to offer to the public the largest variety of insurance products, including Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance. GNP is committed to a strategy that includes the following points.

  • A tradition of integrity with the assurance of good value.
  • The development of a high quality and professional sales force
  • The design of products which allow the company to maintain a leading position in all lines of business
  • Technological development supported by the most advanced operational systems
  • An administrative philosophy resultant from client satisfaction.
  • Decentralization of its operation with the support of over 40 service offices, 3,000 employees and 4,250 sales agents. Grupo Nacional Provincial maintains a substantial level of solvency. It maintains close relations with the most important insurers and reinsurers in the US, Europe and Japan.

GNP carries an "A-" or Excellent rating according to A.M. Best. Their financial size is a "X" Meaning they handle between $500 Million to $750 Million in written premiums annually. More importantly, GNP is the third largest auto insurance carrier in Mexico. Between their financial stability and position in the auto market place, Baja-Mex customers are well taken care of in the event of a claim. GNP is able to pay the claim, and has the infrastructure to provide prompt claims service.

Finally when it comes to value, GNP has put together several coverage packages to ensure the right coverage at the right price, maximizing value. These packages include the "liability only" policy, the "maximum coverage" physical damage policy, and the "extended" physical damage policy. For more information about GNP, please visit


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